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When you schedule your appointments,
demand Dash Xpress, we'll be waiting.


How To Ride With Dash Xpress

  1. Make your doctor's appointment.
    Once you have your doctor's appointment, you then have to schedule transport.

  2. Call Medical Answering Service or your Insurance
    You then have to call MAS @ 800.850.5340 to schedule your medical transport and ask for Dash Xpress.

  3. You can send us a confirmation text
    We will verify your appointment and confirm your dates and times for your transport. And your done!!

Helpful Info

Check out our open positions page under the AboutUs tab and review our openings. Send your resume to

Have you got a great idea for us? Feel free to email and if we implement it, you will receive a $100 gift card.

Want to work with Dash Xpress as your transport. Email us at and we will give you a call.

You want to make sure Dash Xpress is on your insurance company list as a medical transportation provider. Shoot us an email

Don't see your county for us to transport you? Email us at and we will join the county of choice.

Long distance trip? Going from one county to another? Feel free to contact Dash Xpress @ 646.944.0537. If your pick up or drop off in one of our counties, we will be ready for you.