Who We Are

Dash Xpress dove into medical transport
to bring care and concern

to an industry that lacked compassion.
Our clients prefer our service because they know we care about them as individuals. And we respect the fact that going to the doctor is stressful and requires support. The last thing they need to worry about is their transport. It's not just a ride, it's a relationship.

Our History


Our Principles Are Simple

Treat our clients like family, as we would want to be treated. Provide the best possible service for every trip. Hire the best qualified drivers to represent our brand. Take every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow.

The Professionalism

Courteous Drivers
Dash Xpress has courteous drivers that understand client relations. We want you to feel comfortable.

Flexible Transport
We understand that you may not know when your visit is completed. We have flexible schedules to accommodate your appointment times.

HIPAA Compliant
It's important that your personal and health information remain your own.

Safety First
Our drivers have to undergo background checks; drug and alcohol testing; The utmost safety requirements are imperative to Dash Xpress.


  1. We are in constant communication with our clients

    It's important that when you call, someone answers. We call to make sure you are taken care of. We double check to see what time you are ready for your return. And make sure your driver is aware and ready for your return.

  2. Never leave our clients

    When we take you to your visit, we make sure you are transported home. Often times clients don't know when they will return and often times they are left behind, we know because we often take those abandoned clients too. So when you want dependability, call Dash Xpress.

  3. Great Service

    We do our best every day, from the first welcome phone call, to the driver who transport you, to our retention team that checks on how our driver's transport. We care about how you are transported. And we follow up with our clients. We are interested in each person.


There is no one else I will call. And most times they try to give me other companies and let them know. It's Dash Xpress or no one. I will change my appointment. They are respectful of the whole transport process and they like what they do.

Jasmine Bennett, Client

Dash Xpress is wonderful, they make sure you are picked up no matter how long your trip is. I use them for my entire family. They are the best.

Monica Marche, Client